Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a waste!

Shock Horror Resource Waste Expose!

I just sent an email as a test with the same text encoded in different file formats; below is a list of the files:
  • Test File Documentation.pdf (application/pdf) 41K
  • Test File Documentation.rtf (application/rtf) 27K
  • Test File Documentation.doc (application/msword) 16K
  • Test File Documentation.txt (text/plain) 3K
What a waste of resources the .rtf file is over 15 times bigger than the .txt, the .doc (both created with Libre Office Writer) is 9 times bigger and the .pdf (Libre Office's in built pdf creator) is a whopping 13 time bigger. Just as a thought; I wonder how much band width is wasted by using rich text  to send email. I bet if everybody stopped and used plain text the whole Internet would speed up dramatically.
How about if we transfer the analogy to the road network and only allowed a vehicles below a defined emission level, or journeys that were impossible to make via public transport. How much quicker do you think road journeys would be. I know it's never going to happen but don't complain that the network is slow if you really must send that mail with comic sans font and animated gifs of spinning bunnies. Yes it's you the Incredimail user hang your head in shame.



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